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Quality control

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Life Herbs pay much attention to all factors that could support quality assurance achieved by using HACCAP plans of Food Safety Management supported with the professional allocation of machinery processing and high caliber labor. It’s applied to the whole chain of production process starting with, farming, drying, sorting, processing, sampling, storing, analysis, packaging, handling, and shipping.

Working in clean environmental farms provides a naturally built shield from pesticides residuals.

Life Herbs is interested in conformance to specifications, so the absence of defects is the major focus of our department of packing through the well-managed process including all technical quality control gaudiness and restricted measures have been taken according to current EU standards in the food business with consideration of Hygiene rules of EU—Regulations (EC No 8522(P41), and applying of ISO 22000 Standards—in case of conventional products.

Life Herbs strict quality control is self-evident in the Pharmacopoeia results, as tests for contamination, starting with the testing of required physical analysis, we regularly apply all chemical analysis such as (pesticides, microbiology, antitoxin, ….etc.) as per current EU regulation for pesticides in case of conventional products and BNN Guidance in case organic products within EU accredited national & international labs.

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