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Life Herbs is quite distinguished with having its roots where our family had been granted the advantage of being cultivators having their own farms for cultivating herbs, spices, and other agricultural products. This in fact has been the main point that shaped up our experience and gave us the stance to tackle and handle every single aspect concerning our products. Crystallizing this expertise along with developing a vision of understanding the constant market quality demands;

Life Herbs first started as a supplier for the local market, until we reached to be the Only and the Unique supplier in Egypt of Flat Parsley and Curly Parsley as  Life Herbs are the only company which grows them in Egypt and handles all the processing steps till it reaches to the customer. So, by that we become one of the most important suppliers that exist in the local market, then we looked forward to the international market, and then export began.

Life Herbs is committed to high quality, as we utilize an accurate system that has all phases of production fully monitored, supervised, and controlled to guarantee the bringing about of high-quality products; starting up from cultivation and ending up with shipping the products to our clients. And this has helped us to gain our excellent reputation of being a leading supplier of Agricultural Crops. This has also been the main gateway to win permanent customers and set up longer and strong business relations with various leading companies around the world.


Because of believing that reaching customer satisfaction simply means success, Life Herbs pay a great deal of attention to all details such as all terms and conditions of the trade agreements between us and the client like; quality, Packing, shipping date, delivery date, and more …… Etc.


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